Step - 1 : Click on "My courses" menu link as shown in fig. then Click on "Create course" 

Step - 2 : And then give name of your course,  then click on "Create this course" button.

Step - 3 : Click again on "My courses" menu link.

Step - 4 : Then click on the course you just created.

Step - 5 : When you click on the course, you will see 3 modules - Authoring Tools, Interaction Tools and Administration Tools. For brief description you can download Saa9vi-Teachers-Guide Book.pdf 

Step - 6 : Click on "Settings" under administation tools as shown in fig. - 5 to configure your video conferencing settings, then click on "record and store sessions" and make sure to save your settings. These settings will record your virtual classroom session. But recorded session will be visible after 15 to 20 min.

Step - 7 : Enter the video conference room by clicking on video conference module. See fig. 7 & 8.

Step - 8 : The next step shows how to configure VirtualClassroom audio settings.

Step - 9 : Congratulations! You are ready to use the virtual classroom now. Virtual classroom Tools available to you are shown below.