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Note: For experiencing smooth operation of the Virtual Classroom, Internet Uploading & Downloading speed should be at least "512Kbps".

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Virtual Classroom Interface


  1. No Infrastructure Cost.
  2. No Maintenance Cost.
  3. No Electricity Bill.
  4. No Travelling Hazards.
  5. Child Security During Travelling.
  6. Working Hours Flexibility.
  7. Can Be Taught Anywhere On The Earth.
  8. No special hardware required.

Salient Features:

  1. Virtual Blackboard for Writing.
  2. Sharing of White-Board.
  3. Sharing of Audio and Video.
  4. Sharing of Presentations.
  5. Sharing of Computer Screen.
  6. Multiple Users In A Virtual Classroom.
  7. Instant Messaging.
  8. Record Live Lectures for later playback.